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Affidavit: An Evaluation of Dental Amalgam and Its Ability to Injure Human Health.

Haley BE.
United States Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit

In this detailed affidavit, Dr. Boyd Haley discusses a variety of issues associated with dental amalgam mercury.  The affidavit was part of the Mom's against Mercury et al. case against the FDA, which resulted in the FDA agreeing to classify dental amalgam by mid-2009.


"1) I am Professor of Chemistry/Biochemistry in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Kentucky. Throughout my career I have studied the effects of numerous compounds on the changes of the activity of enzymes, proteins and cellular function proteins and the relationship of these changes to disease states. In the past 14 years I have concentrated my research on the effects of mercury toxicity on human health. Specifically, I have researched and evaluated the contributions of dental amalgam, biologics and vaccines on the human body burden of mercury and organicmercury compounds and the potential effects of these compounds on specific enzymes and cells. Attached is a one page biography and an abbreviated copy of my Curriculum Vitae. The full CV is approximately twenty five pages and to save space will be provided upon request.
2) Mercury exposure to humans comes from various chemical forms such as elemental vapors, inorganic salts and organic-mercurials such as thimerosal and phenylmercury acetate (PMA). All chemical forms of mercury have been proven toxic at
relatively low levels."


Haley BE. Affidavit: An Evaluation of Dental Amalgam and Its Ability to Injure Human Health.  Moms against Mercury et al. vs. FDA. May 30, 2006.  Docket # 06-1147.

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