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Results of dental amalgam removal and mercury detoxification using DMPS and neural therapy.

Kidd RF.
Altern Ther Health Med.
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In this study, a vast majority of patients with a variety of health complaints were satisfied with treatment including the removal of dental amalgam fillings and chelation therapy.


"Abstract: Sixty consecutive patients who had undergone replacement of dental amalgam fillings and a protocol of nutritional support and heavy metal detoxification using dimercapto-propanyl-sulfate and neural therapy were surveyed. A questionnaire was mailed to the patients and 42 responded, resulting in a response rate of 70%. The reasons for undergoing treatment were many, ranging from a patient's desire to avoid potential health problems in the future to treatment of serious current disease. Although medical diagnoses were made when possible before treatment, this survey studied only the patients' estimations of their most distressing symptoms and their evaluations of response to treatment. The most common complaints were problems with memory and/or concentration; muscle and/or joint pain; anxiety and insomnia; stomach, bowel, and bladder complaints; depression; food or chemical sensitivities; numbness or tingling; and eye symptoms, in descending order of frequency. The most distressing symptoms were headache and backache, fatigue, and memory and concentration problems. Headache and backache responded best to treatment, but all symptoms showed considerable improvement on average. Of the respondents, 78% reported that they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the results of treatment, and 9.5% reported that they were disappointed."


Kidd RF. Results of dental amalgam removal and mercury detoxification using DMPS and neural therapy. Altern Ther Health Med. 2000; 6(4):49-55.