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The IAOMT Library is a searchable database of resources related to biological and biocompatible dentistry.

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This Library is the Home of the IAOMT’s Biological/Biocompatible Dentistry Database.

You can search the library by typing in a keyword, title, author, or year. If you would like to search by more than one option (such as two or more keywords), simply type the multiple keywords into the search box.

After you click on the magnifying glass in the search box, the library will retrieve your results. These results will open in a new page and will be sorted by relevance to the words you typed in the search box.  Up to 100 results will be provided.  This means that if you are searching for a very general term, only the top 100 relevant articles will be provided.  For this reason, consider using specific words in your search rather than very general terms.  Some examples of commonly used specific keyword searches include Alzheimer’s disease, atraumatic restorative treatment, Children’s Amalgam Trial, composite, hypersensitivity, immune system, multiple sclerosis, occupational, oral lichenoid, and pregnancy.

Your search results will be listed by title and the first several sentences.  Simply click on the title to access more information about the research, including the abstract and citation.

If you need to report a problem with the IAOMT library, you can use the link for “Report a Problem” on the upper right-hand side of this screen.

If you would like to access additional research assistance for the IAOMT, you can use the link for “Additional Resources” on the upper right-hand side of this screen.

If you would like to peruse the IAOMT’s research collection by category (Mercury, Fluoride, Other, Periodontal Disease), you can use the menu on the lower right-hand side of the screen.

To access these Help/Instructions at any time, simply use the “Help/Instructions” link at the upper right-hand side of the screen.

For any additional questions about the IAOMT Library, email info@iaomt.org.